Doctor’s Orders

doctor chan’s feeling good ferments brings you feeling good tibicos, a slow cultured, raw vegan living probiotic beverages, lovingly created with locally sourced, certified organic, wild foraged & homegrown ingredients!

our brews are formulated by dr. miin chan (mbbs, bmedsc uni of melb) for optimum effect & nutritional benefit!

we practice natural fermentation: ancient alchemy made modern, for universal intestinal joy & happy health!  

originating in mexico, made in daylesford & based in our region’s pure mineral spring water, our products are extremely low in sugar, gluten, dairy & nut free!

so get yourself an invigorating jolt of microbial magic!


the most important members of our microbial mafia are our CULTURES!

tibicos came to us in a magical way and has transformed our lives & our guts🙂

tibicos is ancient alchemy made modern  

with its origins clouded in the mystery of time, tibicos has been healing guts & maintaining health for thousands of years, passed from home to home, creating probiotic perfection for all.  

tibicos is well studied

please discover more in our research lab!

our research reveals tibicos emerged in latin culture (primarily mexico) where it is used to prevent heart attacks & strokes.  extensively studied in latin america, europe & japan, it is well known to have myriad beneficial effects on human health.  

tibicos is a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria & yeast) 

bacteria & yeasts often coalesce into colonies where they live & work together, as well as existing symbiotically with humans for all round microbial- human benefit!

tibicos is good for your guts

a caffeine- free, healthy functional beverage recognised & studied for its invigorating, detoxifying tonic effects.  drink tibicos before breakfast to prepare your gut for the day. drink tibicos mid afternoon for an invigorating jolt.  drink tibicos to enhance your workout.  drink tibicos as a healthy night cap.

tibicos is a living probiotic & functional food  

packed with trillions of live beneficial bacteria & yeasts, tibicos supports your biology- immunity, digestion & mental health- through maintaining intestinal happiness.  the bacterial & yeast strains actually colonise your intestinal tract, which many other probiotics fail to achieve.

tibicos contains… 

the most diverse & complex range of microbes of any probiotic, with more than 30 bacterial strains & even more beneficial yeasts in one dose!  organic acids which uplift energy & mood. easily digestible sugars, essential enzymes, minerals & vitamins in natural amounts to ensure all your systems are go! 

viva mexico!

tibicos’ origins are clouded in mystery, though current research suggests it comes to us from the Opuntia Cactus of Mexico, where it is still drunk today in its two forms, tepache or vinagre de tibicos. Traditionally, these drinks are used for increasing energy, slowing arteriosclerosis and improving immunity.

Symbiotic Cultures of Bacteria and Yeast (SCOBYs) that have lived together for millennia, nourishing our bodies with beneficial bacteria, yeasts, vitamins, enzymes and antioxidants.

Combining Tibico’s ancient alchemy with modern expertise provides the key to unlocking the hidden potential of other superfoods and herbs, whose phytoactivity are increased exponentially by our unique Combination Fermentation method.

14 thoughts on “Doctor’s Orders

  1. We have left the bottle at home and are now in Melbourne travelling to Ballarat tomorrow. Can we obtain some in Melbourne or Ballarat please or where is the closest source?

  2. Hi,

    My business partner Stacey and myself are opening a retail food store called Stella’s Pantry in Warragul. We are very interested in stocking some of your products.

    Would you be able to email me a wholesale product and price list please and advise if you can deliver to Warragul?

    Kind Regards,

    Isabella Fox

    • Hi Ebony, sorry it has taken me so long to reply, we are working on a new website and do not use this one any more! Your closest stockist would be Go Vita Ocean Grove, although please call to check if they have them in stock. Enjoy! With Gratitude, Miin

  3. Dear Dr Chan,
    I love these drinks. Could you please tell me where I can purchase them in Melbourne. I live in Hawthorn.

    Many thanks, and congratulations on such a wonderful product.

    • Dear Amy, apologies I didn’t see this until now, we are working on a new website and have not been checking this one regularly. Your closest stockist is The Common Good Store on Church St in Hawthorn. All our stockists are listed on our FB page. With Gratitude, Miin

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